Rigid Hinged Knee Braces - Great for Sports!

Rigid hinged knee braces are ideal for day-to-day activities and all sports. Hinged knee braces provide the maximum amount of stability for a person recovering from ligament instabilities like ACL tears or someone who suffers from mild medial/lateral instability.

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    Armor Knee Brace with FourcePoint Hinge

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    The strongest and most supportive off-the-shelf option for contact sports with added ACL support via the FourcePoint Hinge. Read More
  • New functional knee brace targeted lateral and medial support. 6 independent straps providing adjustable compression. Read More
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    Provides complete protection of the ACL for athletes who don’t want to loose speed by weighing themselves down with a heavy brace. Read More
  • The DonJoy Armor with standard hinge. Designed for support and protection of ACL injuries. Read More

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