Hot and Cold Therapy Products for the Shoulder

If you have sustained a shoulder injury, it is important to rest, use cold therapy, and stabilize with a shoulder support and seek your doctor for a diagnosis. Sore shoulders may find temporary relief from applying ice packs on the shoulder. Shop our selection of ice packs for the shoulder from reusuable to large to wraps to cryo cuff.

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  • Aircast

    Cryo/Cuffs Only


    Aircast cryo/cuffs to be used with the Aircast Cooler

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  • Compex

    ColdForm Shoulder | Cold & Hot therapy

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    Compex Hot/Cold Therapy helps reduce swelling and pain, accelerating recovery through movable hot/cold gel pack and a compression wrap. Read More
  • Compex Hot/Cold reusable therapy gel packs are built to lessen pain relief, reduce swelling and alleviate of muscle cramps – making them the ideal product for both injury management and injury prevention.

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    • Medium/Standard: 21x14 cm
    • Large: 29x27 cm
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