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Impact Guard Knee And Shin Protector


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The Armor by DonJoy™ Impact Guard is designed to protect the shin and knee.

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The Armor by DonJoy Impact Guard is designed to protect the shin and knee. The guard also features a hinge cover, which prevents ripping of pants and/or uniforms. This is ideally suited for motor sports athletes. Made of hard plastic shell and inner foam to absorb shock. Compatible with all rigid custom and off the shelf knee ligament braces.

Note: The Impact Guard cannot be used alone. It must be used with compatible DonJoy knee braces

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Size of Impact Guard should match size of knee brace

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DonJoy Impact Guard Knee And Shin Protector

Product Questions

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  • Jessica at 28/03/2014 08:59
    • I got my brace from my doctor, I know it is a don joy but how do I determine what model and whether or not it is compatible? It seems larger than most of the ones I see on this site.
    • Thank you for your question. You can call product support at 888-405-3251, we can help you determine which brace you have based on color, hinges, graphics ect.
  • alucard_265 at 18/01/2014 23:46
    • I have this model in size M this device works for this model and size
    • that is correct a medium will work with a medium brace
  • Diane Grohowski at 20/07/2013 03:27
    • daughter just got don joy defiance III post acl reconstruction surgery. I need to find shin guard to fit over brace for field hockey.

      Please advise
    • Hello Diane,

      Our defiance has an option for a shin protector, it must be attached to frame. You can contact your Donjoy Rep., with questions about this option.


      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • chris at 13/04/2012 22:46
    • will this fit a DonJoy Defiance III Custom Knee Brace or only certain ones?
      i play and referee Roller Derby and have to wear knee pads and when i saw this it instantly made me want it. So i was hoping this would actually take the place of my knee pad on my right knee.
    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, the impact guard can be worn with all DonJoy rigid knee braces.

      Have a nice day.
  • Michael at 22/12/2010 23:33
    • Will the impact guard help prevent damage to the brace if you slide. A previous DonJoy brace bent badly and was ruined after a slide playing soccer. Thanks, Michael
    • The DonJoy Impact Guard Knee And Shin Protector would protect the brace but will add un-necessary bulk to the brace. The reason this product would help protect the brace is because it covers the hinges which is most likely the part of the brace which sticks in the ground when sliding. A more suitable solution would be purchasing a brace cover. The material of the DonJoy brace cover is very breathable and will streamline the brace to avoid catching the ground.

      DonJoy Sports Brace Cover
  • Byron Weber at 05/11/2010 04:44
    • How exactly do I determine what size to order? I have a Defiance brace.
    • Hello Byron,

      Please send us an email @ service@betterbraces.co.uk with your brace serial #. With this we can determine the correct size.
  • Eduardo at 24/03/2010 03:09
    • Is this a product that can be use to play soccer with and if i can would it make me slow when i play. plus can it give maximum support on the lateral of the knee
    • This Impact Guard is an add on accessory to for rigid DonJoy Knee Braces. It by itself is not a brace or support. It just adds extra protection and padding to the knee and shin while wearing a DonJoy Knee Brace. We wouldn't recommend the entire shin protector for soccer. You'd be better off with regular shin guards. Although if you needed extra knee padding while where a DonJoy Knee brace you could use this, but we'd recommend trimming the shin portion off in lieu of regular shin guard.
  • Eduardo at 23/03/2010 04:40
    • Is the Donjoy impact guard knee and shin protector is for sports and if so is the shin protector removable
    • Yes the DonJoy Impact Guard can be used for sports. It is a popular addition to the DonJoy Armor Knee brace for sports like Motocross and Skiing. If you want to remove the shin portion for other sports or activities you can do so by cutting off the shin portion leaving your knee as the only part protected by the padding.
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DonJoy Impact Guard Knee And Shin Protector

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