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Elbow Guard


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Provides stability for mild to moderate hyperextension injuries

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Ideal for those who need elbow stability for mild to moderate medial/lateral and hyperextension injuries. Try our Brace Advisor for personalized product recommendations to meet your needs!

This brace can be used for both right and left arms.

Product Features

  • Wrap-around bicep/tricep portion with elastic strap for ease of application
  • Bi-lateral hinges for flexion/extension and medial/lateral control
  • X strap for great hyperextension control
  • Bicep and tricep binding for clean finish and durability
  • Elbow pad for protection in contact sports

Measurement - circumfrerence of arm taken and mid-biceps.

Size Chart & Fit Help


Measurement taken at mid-bicep

S 10" to 11.5" (25.4cm to 29.21cm)
M 11.6" to 13" (29.464cm to 33.02cm)
L 13.1" to 14.5" (33.274cm to 36.83cm)
XL 14.6" to 16" (37.084 cm to 40.64cm)
XXL 16.1" to 17.5" (40.894cm to 44.45cm)
XXXL 17.6" to 19" (44.704cm to 48.26cm)
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DonJoy Elbow Guard

Product Questions

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  • Trem at 16/04/2014 22:33
    • Does this brace come in a pediatric size? My 9 year old recently dislocated his elbow while wrestling. He wants to continue wrestling but will need a brace after he has healed up.
    • Trem
      No this brace does not come in a pediatric size. The smallest is a S wich will fit a bicep circumference of 10- 11/5 inches
  • Barbie at 13/10/2013 22:53
    • Is it legal to wear this brace while playing basketball?
    • Barbie
      Thank you for contacting product support. NCAA rules state that you can wear a brace on your arm as long as it is adequatly padded. While the Elbow guard does not have any visable metal it does have metal hinges on both sides and you may need to ask a ref before the game if it padded enough for you to wear it.
  • Justin at 14/06/2013 14:58
    • What kind of warranty comes with brace?
    • Hello Justin,

      Our soft braces have a 6 month warranty, our Rigid Knee Braces have a year warranty.

      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.
  • Justin at 14/06/2013 14:50
    • Do u accept BCBS insurance ? If so how much is my portion, and my Dr. Has written a prescription for a brace.
    • Hello Justin,

      Please call our Insurance Division, they will better assist you with your specific Insurance questions.


      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.
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DonJoy Elbow Guard

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