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Re-usable Barrier Mask (Pack of 10)


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This mask is suitable for use during the COVID pandemic to provide protection. It is not suitable for medical use or for those who are unwell.


  • Pack of 10 re-usable Barrier Masks
  • Up to 30 uses – 4 hours weartime
  • Great breathability and high filtration, effective in filtering particles of 3µm : > 98%*

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This mask with its breathable and filtering qualities helps complement the protective measures and social distancing rules in the fight against viral infections. It is intended for use by healthy or asymptomatic people, not for health workers in contact with patients.

This mask has been tested by the French Textile and Apparel Institute (IFTH n° 2020-06-03-052-50) as an individual mask for the use of professionals in contact with the public. This mask is for those whose work involves regular contact with the public.

It complies with the latest specifications of AFNOR - French Standards Association- (filtration > 90% for 3 microns, breathability > 96 L/m²/s).


  • Washable mask and re-usable up to 30 times.
  • Wear time: 4 hours. Tested by us after 4 hours use.
  • Composition: Polyester, cotton, polypropylene.
  • Contains latex (in elastic loops)
  • Wide ear loops for greater comfort
  • The materials in contact with the skin are certified OEKO-TEX1 and guaranteed harmless to the wearer.

Polyester - Cotton - Polypropylene. It contains latex. OEKO-TEX® certified materials (without harmful substances).


  • High filtration, effective in filtering particles of 3µm : > 98%*
  • Great breathability: Air permeability ( for a depression of 100PA) > 291* L/m²/S

*Results obtained from tested samples IFTH n° 2020-04-17-173-1
Variation can occur according to the product.

This mask has been designed to support individuals during the COVID 19 health crisis. This barrier mask does not replace the need for additional health precautions (regular hand washing, physical distance, reduced contact with other people). It adds a physical barrier that allows the user to protect their environment from particle projections. It can also provide the user with limited protection against infectious agents.



Always check that the mask is properly adjusted and covers your mouth and nose. It is recommended to wear this mask on bare skin. Filtration efficiency can be reduced to outside the specified limits in those people with beards

  • Wash hands with soap and water or use sanitizing gel before handling
  • Hold upright and place on face
  • Place elastic loops around ears
  • Place bottom of mask under chin, and covering nose 
  • Once in place, do not touch with hands
  • To remove after use, hold elastic loops to avoid potential contamination

This mask can be reused up to 30 times providing that it is washed after each use. After wearing for a maximum of 4 hours, the mask can be thrown away or washed. If the mask is to be thrown away it must be securely sealed in a disposable plastic bag prior to disposal. A used mask must be machine washed with normal detergent at 60 degrees for at least 30 minutes. Allow 2 hours for it to dry completely after washing. Air or machine dry before steam ironing at a low temperature. If multiple masks are to be washed it is advisable to mark each person’s initials on the inner label with indelible pen or permanent marking.

A used mask must be machine washed ALONE using conventional laundry detergent at 60°C for at least 30 minutes. It is recommended that the mask is thoroughly dried within 2 hours of washing. Drying can be carried out either with a tumble dryer or in the open air, followed by steam ironing at low temperature. Hand washing is not recommended.

Store unused masks in a clean, dry place and protect from direct sunlight

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Re-usable Barrier Mask (Pack of 10)

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Re-usable Barrier Mask (Pack of 10)

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